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Credit Union InfoSecurity Conference

June 14 – 16 San Diego

About Us

Why You Should Attend

  • Have a Good Time and Take a Break from the Office

    This is an intimate gathering that allows you to meet interesting and smart people from across the country to trade notes and share insights. Take this opportunity to have dinner with old and new friends, meet in the lobby for drinks, join us for our annual tour (these are ALWAYS a hit), and come to our post-conference pool party.

  • Connect with the Right People

    This is an intimate gathering that allows you to meet interesting and smart people from across the country to trade notes and share insights. 

  • Stay Current

    This conference is just what you need to keep up with the latest and greatest security tools, technologies and information for credit unions.

  • Connect with peers ~ Connect with trends ~ Connect with solutions

    The Credit Union InfoSecurity Conference is the credit union movement’s top infosecurity event. Only here can you connect with the brightest, most engaged security-oriented community in the movement that will help you protect what matters most.

    Over the years, over one thousand credit union professionals have attended the conference to network with peers, learn about new approaches to ever-evolving security issues, discover the latest technologies, interact with top security leaders, and have a good time while doing it.

  • Learn About New Security Solutions

    Network with security experts from top vendors.

  • Save Valuable Time and Money

    We realize budgets are tight. That is why we are bringing you innovative solutions and in-depth education at the unheard of conference price of just $495.


    Join us Wednesday from 4:15 - 6:00 for our annual tour. This year we will be visiting:

    The Wm. B. Kolender Sheriff’s Museum - Old Town, San Diego

    The Sheriff's Museum is a small 6800 square feet of exhibit space – but quite interesting museum that covers the entire history of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department from its inception in 1850 through today. The Museum contains cars, motorcycles, a helicopter, real life jail cells from various eras, and replica Sheriff's offices from the 1850's, 1940's and present, and much more.

    6:00 - 7:30 - Cocktail Reception in Old Town at the Courtyard at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Hotel immediately following the Museum Tour.

    Thanks to Spirion for sponsoring the Museum Tour and the Cocktail Reception!

    Thursday at 7:00 feel free to meet in the lobby for a “Concierge’s Dinner” - this is an opportunity for attendees to go out for a nice dinner (Dutch of course) with fellow attendees and have fun and network. The Concierge will recommend a nearby restaurant that is high quality, but still affordable.

    Join us Friday from 1:30 - 4:30 for our annual Pool Party with snacks, cocktails and craft draft beer sponsored by Ewart Technologies.